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How Do We Meet?

Your Self-Investment

Therapy at Life Sculpting is a collaborative approach where, through everyday conversation, your concerns are addressed and personalised strategies put into effect to help guide you towards achieving your elected outcomes. Generative techniques modelled on Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) may be utilised in the process. Skills and abilities you acquire during our conversations are designed for you to apply if, or whenever, required throughout your life.

Life Sculpting - designing your life, your way.

Online, or in-person. Online consultations are available anywhere in the world there is an internet connection - overseas, interstate, within the same city - via the flexibilty of video/face chat communications.

In-person consultations (Perth metro area) are held in a non-stereotypical healing environment. We mutually decide on a suitable meeting place, be it at a cafe, a park, a library, during a beach amble, or even while exercising a pet. You're also welcome to suggest a setting of your own.

Life Sculpting - can literally be a walk in the park.

How much will it cost? The same as a piece of string is long, meaning - there is no set answer to how much, other than Life Sculpting consultations are affordable for everyone because THERE IS NO FIXED FEE! Instead, just like our meeting place is flexible and arranged by mutual agreement, so too is what and how you choose to pay, be it up front, into a designated account, over a period of time, or perhaps you have something to barter in exchange for services. Put forward an offer. Yes, it really is that easy.

Life Sculpting - making therapy available to everyone.





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