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My name is Sue. I went to see Life Sculpting therapy. My world was upside down. After being in a relationship with someone for 11 years, he left. I went to see Marlis for few sessions, she gave me help, taught me how to react to my thoughts and guided me to learn to make life easier on myself. She opened my mind about how to improve myself. Now I am happier and love myself. Thank you Marlis for your guidances.

Sue, Perth, WA


I’d always lacked control when it came to eating habits. If I was upset, angry or just plain bored I’d turn to eating, rather than distracting myself with a new activity or talking to someone about the feelings I was experiencing. It got to the point where I’d overindulge in any form of sweets in ridiculous amounts, but especially chocolate, cakes and ice-cream, after which followed the self-hate, and promises I wouldn’t ever do it again. But I always did. Fed up with myself, I got in contact with Marlis, from Life Sculpting, and had a conversation with her that changed my eating habits for the better. It was amazing! I now have control over what and when and how much I eat. And best of all, I haven't had to give up sweet foods altogether. Instead I’m able to appreciate them more, and I only want a little bit now and then. This was about 3 years ago and it’s been great ever since. As a bonus, I’ve also been able to apply the techniques Marlis shared with me to other parts of my life, and I really can’t recommend her enough.

Jane, Perth, WA


My daughter had a 10 year history of anxiety attacks and sleeplessness whenever she spent the night away from home. The anxiety would start days before the event and would often continue even after she returned home. She would call me at 1 or 2 in the morning, crying and needing lots of reassurance. With a six-week overseas student exchange program on offer, we had to do something.  One session with Marlis was all it took! Marlis located the source of the problem and dealt with it quickly and effectively.  Now when my daughter is away overnight, I receive just one text, saying ‘Good Night’....sometimes. I highly recommend Marlis. She made a world of difference to us.

Barbara, Brisbane QLD.

I was visiting Perth and met Marlis through a friend.  She said she could help me overcome my phobia of bugs and insects, especially spiders, where I’d break into a sweat and panic just thinking about them. Seeing them in real-life was even worse.  I couldn’t help it, it was awful, and embarrassing – a 28-year-old man scared of insects. I didn’t really think anyone could help me, but I had to do something, so I booked in with Marlis for a Life Sculpting consultation. Now I am so pleased I did, because my phobia has gone. Really. Disappeared. In only one session! I’m still amazed. I can think about bugs, insects, spiders – and be near them, and they don’t bother me at all. I’m going back to Germany soon to amaze my family and friends as well.  Thanks Marlis. It’s life changing for me. And great to know you do Skype consultations as well, so if anything else ever comes up I can still book a session with you from overseas.

Pierre, Germany.

At the end of what seems like a lifetime of long days, little sleep, and high levels of stress and tension and unpleasant situations, I reached breaking point last night and always just a phone call away, this fantastic woman came to the rescue.  Even over the phone, she somehow worked some kind of sorcery (by that I mean used the skills she is trained/studied in that are beyond my understanding) to shift my outlook and calm me down.  So everyone should phone her, Skype her, or meet her face-to-face. She's stunningly talented and the whole conversation involved very little probing, complete confidentiality, and this is the first thing that's really worked in positively changing how I feel.

Olive, Sydney, Australia.





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