What if?

It’s a cute meme and a bit of a giggle, but from another angle it isn’t a given that you always, or ever:

Have voices in your head.

If you do they mean trouble.

They’re actually voices.

What if your primary language is Sign, if you’re non auditory? Does it follow that the chat group in your head presents as visualisations of signs? Does every signing person see signs in their head? Does every hearing person hear voices in theirs?

What if you’re hearing, but read by touch – Braille, faces, objects around you? Do you hear voices in your head with accompanying kinaesthetic representations? Do you feel internal chats as much as you hear them?

How easy it is to complicate a simple meme. In keeping with the gist of this one let’s work on the premise that at times you have some sort of communication system going on in your head, be it auditory, visual, kinaesthetic, a mix thereof, or however your individual representation systems operate. If you think you haven’t any, what happens inside your head when you read, hear or feel this sentence?

What if, instead of wanting to make trouble these little ‘voices’, these representational communicators, are banding together as a group in order to support you in something, or lots of somethings? Your own personal cheer squad:

Three more laps – Keep going. Two more – You can do it! One more lap – Go you! No more laps – Yahoo you did it!!

In all sorts of contexts:

Okay time for a break now. Breathe deep, relax, breathe, deep, relax…

Or to warn you of danger:

Car not stopping for us on the crosswalk. All together run!

What if the little communicators in your head are BIG? Big enough to discuss and negotiate situations to your benefit.

We’ve decided we will leave you alone to procrastinate and have a small reward later, provided you get off your bum and walk around a few blocks now.

The meme’s voices lean towards an external position; the insinuation they’re discussing something to do with you, without you. This might be okay if not for the small matter of sharing a body and all that goes with it. A body you quite understandably consider to be yours. Over which you would like to have a say, a part in the decision making at the very least.

So what if, rather than assuming they’re banding together to get you in trouble, you’re curious what your representational communicators’ intentions are for you, and what they can help you achieve? For the benefit of all of you.

And what if it is possible to join in with your mind’s version of a chat group in your head to discuss, negotiate and come to mutual agreements on whatever issues or contexts are under communicative review? For the benefit of all of you.

It is possible.

Life Sculpting’s Natural Mind Therapy works on the basis that the communicators in your mind have positive intentions for you. Well aligned intentions and communications tend towards producing a natural balance and peace within the mind, body and soul.

At times though communications might go astray, off track, become confused and perhaps unaware of the effect their altered paths have on your overall being. That’s where Natural Mind Therapy can help you discover how to get back on track, or an even better track, on mutually agreeable terms with your internal communicators.

Treat your whole self, mind, body and soul to an in-person or online Life Sculpting Natural Mind Therapy meetup. Take an active part in designing your life your way.

To the benefit of all of you.

(Image by Smile & Shine)

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